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This OID tree represents the compiled SNMP MIB module HUAWEI-MIB and includes only high-level compiled information. For more detail (mib object descriptions, Unit Types, Textual Conventions, Macro-definitions, etc.), please download the raw SNMP ASN.1 mib test file by clicking on the ZIP icon above. To query a live agent with SNMP for objects in module HUAWEI-MIB, use OidView Network Management Tools or SNMP SNMP MIB Browser. To capture and analyze snmp traps from a live agent with objects loaded from module HUAWEI-MIB, use OidView Trap Manager SNMP Fault Management

Statistics for MIB HUAWEI-MIB:
Objects: 324 OIDS: 323 Object Groups: 0
Traps: 0 Notifications: 0 Notification Groups: 0
Tables: 0 Tabulars: 0 Scalars/Other: 323
Object NameObject Identifier
huawei huawei
hwLocal hwLocal
quidway quidway
hwTrans hwTrans
hwInternetProtocol hwInternetProtocol
hwNovellProtocol hwNovellProtocol
hwProducts hwProducts
atm atm
atmAccess atmAccess
atmBone atmBone
r8750 r8750
cc08 cc08
sbs sbs
ip-phone ip-phone
ups ups
viewpoint viewpoint
netManager netManager
iNet iNet
ne80 ne80
wireIn wireIn
wireInScp wireInScp
wireInSdp wireInSdp
wireInSmp wireInSmp
wireInSsp wireInSsp
wireInIP wireInIP
mobileIn mobileIn
mobileInScp mobileInScp
mobileInSdp mobileInSdp
mobileInSmp mobileInSmp
mobileInSsp mobileInSsp
mobileInIP mobileInIP
router router
routerGeneral routerGeneral
attr attr
ne08 ne08
ne16 ne16
module module
flash flash
mixinfo mixinfo
huaweiMemoryPool huaweiMemoryPool
configFile configFile
netEngine netEngine
cdmaIn cdmaIn
cdmaInScp cdmaInScp
cdmaInSdp cdmaInSdp
cdmaInSmp cdmaInSmp
cdmaInSsp cdmaInSsp
cdmaInIP cdmaInIP
acdIn acdIn
esr esr
radium8750 radium8750
isn8850 isn8850
esr8825 esr8825
esrV5R3 esrV5R3
esrV5R58850 esrV5R58850
esrV5R58825 esrV5R58825
lanSw lanSw
lswCommon lswCommon
s8016 s8016
s8016Common s8016Common
s8016A s8016A
s8016B s8016B
s3526 s3526
s3026 s3026
s3026V s3026V
s2008 s2008
s2016 s2016
s3526F s3526F
s5516 s5516
s6506 s6506
s3026F s3026F
s3526E s3526E
s2026 s2026
s2403H s2403H
s3026E s3026E
s3026EFM s3026EFM
s3026EFS s3026EFS
s3526EFM s3526EFM
s3526EFS s3526EFS
s3050C s3050C
s6503 s6503
s8512 s8512
s8505 s8505
s6506R s6506R
s3026c s3026c
s3026g s3026g
s3026t s3026t
s3552G s3552G
s3552P s3552P
s3528G s3528G
s3528P s3528P
s3526c s3526c
s3026c-24-12fs s3026c-24-12fs
s3026c-24-12fm s3026c-24-12fm
s3526c-24-12fs s3526c-24-12fs
s3526c-24-12fm s3526c-24-12fm
s5012G s5012G
s5012G-DC s5012G-DC
s5012T-12-10GBC s5012T-12-10GBC
s5012T-12-10GBC-DC s5012T-12-10GBC-DC
s5024G-24-20TP s5024G-24-20TP
s5024G-24-20TP-DC s5024G-24-20TP-DC
s2026Z s2026Z
s2026C s2026C
s3026G-SI s3026G-SI
s3026C-SI s3026C-SI
s3026S-SI s3026S-SI
apon apon
ma5101 ma5101
ma5102 ma5102
transmission transmission
optix155622H optix155622H
optix10Gv2 optix10Gv2
hsr hsr
ne16E ne16E
ne08E ne08E
ne05 ne05
amg5000 amg5000
umg8900 umg8900
ne40-4 ne40-4
access-server access-server
as8010 as8010
ne40-2 ne40-2
ne40-8 ne40-8
wcdma wcdma
sgsn sgsn
mlsr mlsr
dslw dslw
dlswNode dlswNode
dlswTConn dlswTConn
dlswInterface dlswInterface
dlswDirectory dlswDirectory
dlswCircuit dlswCircuit
dlswSdlc dlswSdlc
dlswLlc2 dlswLlc2
sm sm
mmsc mmsc
as as
p3 p3
iad iad
iad132 iad132
wlanAp wlanAp
wlanApCommon wlanApCommon
wlanBridgeWB2011 wlanBridgeWB2011
wA1208E wA1208E
wlanApWA1003 wlanApWA1003
wlanApWA1003A wlanApWA1003A
wlanApWA1005 wlanApWA1005
wlanApWA1008 wlanApWA1008
wlanApWA1208 wlanApWA1208
wlanApWA1208H wlanApWA1208H
wlanApWA1006E wlanApWA1006E
wlanBridgeWB2010 wlanBridgeWB2010
lan-switch lan-switch
switch2403 switch2403
switch2403F switch2403F
switch3008 switch3008
switch3016 switch3016
switch2024-M switch2024-M
switch3025-M switch3025-M
hwinfoX hwinfoX
wlanApWA1006 wlanApWA1006
aR46-20 aR46-20
aR46-40 aR46-40
aR46-80 aR46-80
nE20-2 nE20-2
nE20-4 nE20-4
nE20-8 nE20-8
xdsl xdsl
adsl adsl
vDG10-40 vDG10-40
vDG10-41 vDG10-41
hwSps hwSps
aR18-18 aR18-18
aR18-20 aR18-20
aR18-30 aR18-30
aR18-31 aR18-31
aR18-32 aR18-32
musa musa
hwMusaV100R001Mib hwMusaV100R001Mib
hwMA5200Mib hwMA5200Mib
hwMusaV100R002Mib hwMusaV100R002Mib
hwMd5500Mib hwMd5500Mib
hwMa5100Mib hwMa5100Mib
hwMa5300Mib hwMa5300Mib
ias ias
aR18-33 aR18-33
aR18-34 aR18-34
nE5000 nE5000
nE5000SysOid nE5000SysOid
nE5000oem nE5000oem
nE80E nE80E
nE5000E nE5000E
nE5000EMulti nE5000EMulti
nE40E nE40E
gGSN9811 gGSN9811
pDSN9660 pDSN9660
s3552F-SI s3552F-SI
s3552F-EI s3552F-EI
e026 e026
mpeg-2 mpeg-2
e026-SI e026-SI
e050 e050
ua5000ipm ua5000ipm
rm9000 rm9000
hwIMAPNorthbound hwIMAPNorthbound
hwPv8 hwPv8
eudemon500 eudemon500
ua5000IpmB ua5000IpmB
ua5000ApmB ua5000ApmB
gprs gprs
ma5600 ma5600
softx3000UC softx3000UC
eudemon2300 eudemon2300
mA5100V600 mA5100V600
mA5605 mA5605
carrierSwitch carrierSwitch
cX200A cX200A
cX200B cX200B
cX300A cX300A
cX300B cX300B
cX500A cX500A
nE20E nE20E
nE20E-4 nE20E-4
nE20E-8 nE20E-8
mE60 mE60
honet honet
huaweiExperimental huaweiExperimental
huaweiMgmt huaweiMgmt
hwAcl hwAcl
hwAtmCmRm hwAtmCmRm
hwCes hwCes
hwMpls hwMpls
hwMplsLsr hwMplsLsr
hwMplsLdp hwMplsLdp
hwMplsVpn hwMplsVpn
hwMplsFtn hwMplsFtn
hwMplsVpls hwMplsVpls
hwMplsLsp hwMplsLsp
hwMplsOam hwMplsOam
hwRouteManagement hwRouteManagement
hwRouteManagementUrm hwRouteManagementUrm
hwRouteManagementMrm hwRouteManagementMrm
hwRouteManagementRpm hwRouteManagementRpm
hwEthernetPort hwEthernetPort
hwMam hwMam
hwArpProxy hwArpProxy
hwDhcpProxy hwDhcpProxy
hwIgspSnooping hwIgspSnooping
hwAaa hwAaa
hwGarpExt hwGarpExt
hwRstpExt hwRstpExt
hwPae8021xExt hwPae8021xExt
hwNat hwNat
hwVlanProtocol hwVlanProtocol
hwDatacomm hwDatacomm
hwImps hwImps
hwLam hwLam
hwPortal hwPortal
hwRadius hwRadius
hwVlan hwVlan
hwDhcp hwDhcp
hwDHCPRelayMib hwDHCPRelayMib
hwDHCPServerMib hwDHCPServerMib
hwVprn hwVprn
hwFr hwFr
huaweiUtility huaweiUtility
hwEnvironment hwEnvironment
hwConfig hwConfig
hwAtmOam hwAtmOam
hwAtmPos hwAtmPos
hwV5 hwV5
hwIma hwIma
hwUcl hwUcl
hwAtmSvc hwAtmSvc
hwPower hwPower
hwVPRing hwVPRing
hwTest hwTest
hwTestCommon hwTestCommon
hwNTest hwNTest
hwBtest hwBtest
hwSwitchOver hwSwitchOver
hwVfb hwVfb
hwClk hwClk
hwCdi hwCdi
hwAti hwAti
hwDslamNtv hwDslamNtv
hwServerMon hwServerMon
hwDev hwDev
hwSyntrap hwSyntrap
hwAdsl hwAdsl
hwVdsl hwVdsl
hwHdsl hwHdsl
hwDeha hwDeha
hwSyslog hwSyslog
hwVoip hwVoip
hwVrp hwVrp
hwMus hwMus
hwDns hwDns
hwNtp hwNtp
hwNetTest hwNetTest
hwMs hwMs
hwDslamMacPool hwDslamMacPool
hwDslamPPPoA hwDslamPPPoA
hwDslamPvcProtocol hwDslamPvcProtocol
hwDslamIpoa hwDslamIpoa
hwMem hwMem
hwLoadBackup hwLoadBackup
hwHgmp hwHgmp
hwIppool hwIppool
huaweiFlashManMIB huaweiFlashManMIB