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Last updated on 11/17/2014 9:57:13 AM

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This OID tree represents the compiled SNMP MIB module LanMgr-Mib-II-MIB and includes only high-level compiled information. For more detail (mib object descriptions, Unit Types, Textual Conventions, Macro-definitions, etc.), please download the raw SNMP ASN.1 mib test file by clicking on the ZIP icon above. To query a live agent with SNMP for objects in module LanMgr-Mib-II-MIB, use OidView Network Management Tools or SNMP SNMP MIB Browser. To capture and analyze snmp traps from a live agent with objects loaded from module LanMgr-Mib-II-MIB, use OidView Trap Manager SNMP Fault Management

Statistics for MIB LanMgr-Mib-II-MIB:
Objects: 102 OIDS: 92 Object Groups: 0
Traps: 0 Notifications: 0 Notification Groups: 0
Tables: 9 Tabulars: 25 Scalars/Other: 58
Object NameObject Identifier
lanmanager lanmanager
lanmgr-2 lanmgr-2
common common
comVersionMaj comVersionMaj
comVersionMin comVersionMin
comType comType
comStatStart comStatStart
comStatNumNetIOs comStatNumNetIOs
comStatFiNetIOs comStatFiNetIOs
comStatFcNetIOs comStatFcNetIOs
server server
svDescription svDescription
svStatPermErrors svStatPermErrors
svStatSysErrors svStatSysErrors
svStatSentBytes svStatSentBytes
svStatRcvdBytes svStatRcvdBytes
svStatAvResponse svStatAvResponse
svSecurityMode svSecurityMode
svUsers svUsers
svStatReqBufsNeeded svStatReqBufsNeeded
svStatBigBufsNeeded svStatBigBufsNeeded
svSessionNumber svSessionNumber
svSvcNumber svSvcNumber
svSessionTable svSessionTable
svSessionEntry svSessionEntry
svSesClientName svSesClientName
svSesUserName svSesUserName
svSesNumOpens svSesNumOpens
svSesTime svSesTime
svSesIdleTime svSesIdleTime
svSesClientType svSesClientType
svSesState svSesState
svAutoDisconnects svAutoDisconnects
svDisConTime svDisConTime
svAuditLogSize svAuditLogSize
svUserNumber svUserNumber
svUserTable svUserTable
svUserEntry svUserEntry
svUserName svUserName
svShareNumber svShareNumber
svShareTable svShareTable
svShareEntry svShareEntry
svShareName svShareName
svSharePath svSharePath
svShareComment svShareComment
svPrintQNumber svPrintQNumber
svPrintQTable svPrintQTable
svPrintQEntry svPrintQEntry
svPrintQName svPrintQName
svPrintQNumJobs svPrintQNumJobs
svSvcTable svSvcTable
svSvcEntry svSvcEntry
svSvcName svSvcName
svSvcInstalledState svSvcInstalledState
svSvcOperatingState svSvcOperatingState
svSvcCanBeUninstalled svSvcCanBeUninstalled
svSvcCanBePaused svSvcCanBePaused
svStatOpens svStatOpens
svStatDevOpens svStatDevOpens
svStatQueuedJobs svStatQueuedJobs
svStatSOpens svStatSOpens
svStatErrorOuts svStatErrorOuts
svStatPwErrors svStatPwErrors
workstation workstation
wkstaStatSessStarts wkstaStatSessStarts
wkstaStatSessFails wkstaStatSessFails
wkstaStatUses wkstaStatUses
wkstaStatUseFails wkstaStatUseFails
wkstaStatAutoRecs wkstaStatAutoRecs
wkstaErrorLogSize wkstaErrorLogSize
wkstaUseNumber wkstaUseNumber
wkstaUseTable wkstaUseTable
wkstaUseEntry wkstaUseEntry
useLocalName useLocalName
useRemote useRemote
useStatus useStatus
domain domain
domPrimaryDomain domPrimaryDomain
domLogonDomain domLogonDomain
domOtherDomainNumber domOtherDomainNumber
domOtherDomainTable domOtherDomainTable
domOtherDomainEntry domOtherDomainEntry
domOtherName domOtherName
domServerNumber domServerNumber
domServerTable domServerTable
domServerEntry domServerEntry
domServerName domServerName
domLogonNumber domLogonNumber
domLogonTable domLogonTable
domLogonEntry domLogonEntry
domLogonUser domLogonUser
domLogonMachine domLogonMachine