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Last updated on 11/17/2014 9:57:13 AM

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This OID tree represents the compiled SNMP MIB module ZYXEL-MIB and includes only high-level compiled information. For more detail (mib object descriptions, Unit Types, Textual Conventions, Macro-definitions, etc.), please download the raw SNMP ASN.1 mib test file by clicking on the ZIP icon above. To query a live agent with SNMP for objects in module ZYXEL-MIB, use OidView Network Management Tools or SNMP SNMP MIB Browser. To capture and analyze snmp traps from a live agent with objects loaded from module ZYXEL-MIB, use OidView Trap Manager SNMP Fault Management

Statistics for MIB ZYXEL-MIB:
Objects: 146 OIDS: 145 Object Groups: 0
Traps: 0 Notifications: 0 Notification Groups: 0
Tables: 0 Tabulars: 0 Scalars/Other: 145
Object NameObject Identifier
zyxel zyxel
products products
prestige prestige
prestigeCommon prestigeCommon
p2X00Series p2X00Series
p2602hw-61 p2602hw-61
p2302r-obm p2302r-obm
p2602r-61 p2602r-61
p2602hw-63 p2602hw-63
p2602hw-67 p2602hw-67
p2602hwl-61 p2602hwl-61
p2602hwl-63 p2602hwl-63
p2602hwl-67 p2602hwl-67
p2002-obm p2002-obm
p2002l-obm p2002l-obm
p2002l-aol p2002l-aol
p200Series p200Series
p202h p202h
p202hPlus p202hPlus
p300Series p300Series
p304 p304
p310 p310
p314 p314
p314Plus p314Plus
p324 p324
p400Series p400Series
p500Series p500Series
p600Series p600Series
p641 p641
p650me11 p650me11
p650me13 p650me13
p652r11 p652r11
p652r13 p652r13
p650r33 p650r33
p650hw31 p650hw31
p650hw33 p650hw33
p623ra1 p623ra1
p650h37 p650h37
p652hw31 p652hw31
p642 p642
p652hw33 p652hw33
p654ra-a1 p654ra-a1
p650r-e1 p650r-e1
p650r-e3 p650r-e3
p650r-e7 p650r-e7
p650h-e7 p650h-e7
p652hw37 p652hw37
p650h-e1 p650h-e1
p623r-t1 p623r-t1
p623r-t3 p623r-t3
p643 p643
p623r-t7 p623r-t7
p653hwi-11 p653hwi-11
p653hwi-13 p653hwi-13
p653hwi-17 p653hwi-17
p660hw-61 p660hw-61
p650r-t3 p650r-t3
p660hw-63 p660hw-63
p660hw-67 p660hw-67
p660w-61 p660w-61
p660w-63 p660w-63
p645ra1 p645ra1
p660w-67 p660w-67
p660r-61 p660r-61
p660r-63 p660r-63
p660r-67 p660r-67
p650r-t1 p650r-t1
p662w-61 p662w-61
p662w-63 p662w-63
p662w-67 p662w-67
p660h-61 p660h-61
p660h-63 p660h-63
p650r31 p650r31
p660h-67 p660h-67
p660r-67C p660r-67C
p660r-61C p660r-61C
p660hw-13 p660hw-13
p660ru-t1 p660ru-t1
p660ru-t3 p660ru-t3
p650r11 p650r11
p650h11 p650h11
p650hw11 p650hw11
p650r13 p650r13
p700Series p700Series
p794ra p794ra
p794rb p794rb
p742 p742
p791r p791r
p792r p792r
p800Series p800Series
p861h p861h
p861hw p861hw
p900Series p900Series
rack rack
dslam dslam
dslamCommon dslamCommon
accessSwitch accessSwitch
accessSwitchCommon accessSwitchCommon
pes1014 pes1014
aesSeries aesSeries
aesSeriesCommon aesSeriesCommon
aes1024 aes1024
alc1024 alc1024
aam1008 aam1008
vesSeries vesSeries
vesSeriesCommon vesSeriesCommon
ves1008 ves1008
vmb2024 vmb2024
ies2000 ies2000
ies3000 ies3000
aes100 aes100
pes100 pes100
ves1012 ves1012
sesSeries sesSeries
sesSeriesCommon sesSeriesCommon
sam1008 sam1008
ses1024 ses1024
slc1024 slc1024
p1600 p1600
p1400 p1400
ees1024 ees1024
aes100-1 aes100-1
zywall zywall
zywallCommon zywallCommon
zywall200 zywall200
zywallidp10 zywallidp10
zywall5 zywall5
zywall30w zywall30w
zywall35 zywall35
zywall70 zywall70
zywall1000 zywall1000
zywallCHT1 zywallCHT1
zywallM70 zywallM70
zywallP1 zywallP1
zywall1 zywall1
zywallP2 zywallP2
zywallM110 zywallM110
zywallZLDCommon zywallZLDCommon
zywall2 zywall2
zywall2w zywall2w
zywall10 zywall10
zywall10ii zywall10ii
zywall10w zywall10w
zywall50 zywall50
zywall100 zywall100