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This particular page contains a full list of all SNMP MIBS from Fore Systems, Inc. represented in our database. Use these MIBs to manage and capture information from various Fore Systems, Inc. equipment, including Fore Systems, Inc. routers, switches, other devices and software agents. There are a total of 56 Fore Systems, Inc. MIB downloads in this section, containing over 5456 OIDS (Object Identifiers) in the proprietary Fore Systems, Inc. subtree. Some of the latest updated Fore Systems, Inc. MIBs include DLINKMGMT-MIB, SWL3MGMT-MIB, Fore-Ima-Ext-MIB, Fore-Apsgroup-MIB, Fore-SSM-MIB

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Fore Systems, Inc.     Total Files: 56     Sorted By: mibname
MIB/Module  OID  Variable # Date
COMMON-GOLF-MIB 57  (agentMgmt)
DLINKMGMT-MIB 52 7/15/2000  (dlinkMgmtMIB)
The Structure of Common Management Information for the D-Link enterprise.
ES1200-MIB 402  (es1200)
Fore-aal5-MIB 55 6/10/1997  (aal5)
This MIB module defines the FORE Systems AAL5 and EPD/PPD management interface of the Mercury netmod FUNI FR/ATM interworking )
Fore-Adapter-MIB 143 11/5/1999  (adapterGroup)
Fore Atm Adapter MIB
Fore-Apsgroup-MIB 28 12/9/1999  (foreAps)
Fore-Asxethernet-MIB 10 11/5/1999  (asxEthernetAutoNegotiate)
Fore Switch ASX extensions to the etherlike mib.
FORE-BRIDGE-MIB 17 11/5/1999  (foreBridgeExtensions)
Fore ASX ethernet bridge mib extensions.
Fore-Callrecord-MIB 61 11/5/1999  (operations)
Fore call recording mib.
Fore-CES-MIB 12 11/5/1999  (cesExtGroup)
Fore Systems CES MIB Definitions
Fore-Channel-Config-MIB 5 11/5/1999  (channelControlGroup)
Fore-Common-MIB 31 11/5/1999  (foreExperiment)
Definitions common to all FORE private MIBS.
Fore-DS1-MIB 71 11/5/1999  (foreDs1)
Fore DS1 mib module for supporting the DS1 port module.
Fore-DS3-MIB 66 11/5/1999  (foreDs3)
This MIB module supports the FORE DS3 port module.
Fore-DSX1-MIB 37 11/5/1999  (foreDsx1)
MIB module for supporting the DSX1 port module.
Fore-DSX3-Ext-MIB 42 11/5/1999  (foreDsx3Mib)
This mib module implements extensions to the standard DS3 mib to support extra configuration, statistics, and diagnostic capabilities of Fore Systems equipment.
Fore-E1-MIB 60 11/5/1999  (foreE1)
This mib implements management tables for the E1 port module.
Fore-E3-MIB 54 11/5/1999  (foreE3)
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Fore-Errors-MIB 3 11/5/1999  (lastLogMessage)
Fore-FAST-MIB 19  (foreFastGroup)
Fore-FileXfr-MIB 18  (foreFileXfrModule)
This MIB module defines the FORE Systems generic file transfer information. It provides for a file transfer table. Each table entry contains the information necessary for a device to complete a file transfer. Each table entry also contains information as
Fore-Framnetmod-MIB 30 11/5/1999  (fram)
This is the FRAM netmod proprietory MIB. Currently, this mib defines one table: nmFramNetmodConfTable This table contains configuration information for FRAM netmod.
Fore-frf5-MIB 72 12/9/1999  (frf5)
This MIB module defines FR/ATM interworking tables. It gives the means to create/remove a FR/ATM interworking connection and provides statistics at the connection level.
Fore-frf8-MIB 48  (foreFrf8Module)
This MIB module defines FR/ATM interworking tables. It gives means to create/remove a FR/ATM interworking connection and provides several statistics at connection level.
Fore-frs-MIB 79  (foreFrameRelayModule)
This MIB is considered as being required in addition to the standard mibs RFC1604 and RFC1315. It provides configuration and statistics information at frame relay service and connection level.
Fore-Funi-MIB 24 11/5/1999  (funi)
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Fore-HDLC-MIB 18  (foreHdlcIfGroup)
Fore-Ifcreate-MIB 28  (ifReserveNextIndex)
This MIB module defines an ifCreateTable to facilitates the creation of FR/ATM and FUNI services. It also defines an ifConversionTable to allow the conversion between service id and service ifindex.
Fore-If-MIB 6  (foreIfModule)
This MIB module defines the FORE Systems interface table. This table contains information necessary to configure the MTU size of an interface.
FORE-IGMP-MIB 11 11/5/1999  (foreIgmpModule)
Fore ethernet igmp mib.
Fore-IlmiRegistry-MIB 10 11/5/1999  (adminIlmiRegTable)
Fore ILMI Registry Module.
Fore-IlmiSnmpProxy-MIB 16 9/12/1996  (foreIlmiSnmpProxyModule)
This MIB module defines the FORE Systems specific SNMP Proxy information for the ILMI VCI. It provides for an ISP table. Each table entry contains the information necessary for a device to complete an SNMP request over the ILMI VCI specified. Each table e
Fore-Ima-Ext-MIB 8 5/11/2000  (foreImaExtMib)
This MIB defines extensions to the standard ATM-FORUM IMA MIB to facilitate extended IMA configurations supported by Marconi.
Fore-J2-MIB 39 11/5/1999  (foreJ2)
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Fore-Lane-MIB 105 11/5/1999  (foreLaneModule)
Fore Systems LAN-Emulation MIB
Fore-PLCP-MIB 36 11/5/1999  (forePlcpMib)
This mib implements management information for the PLCP convergence layer in an atm interface. Typically PLCP framing is used to encapsulate ATM cells for transmission over a DS3/E3 link.
Fore-PNNI-MIB 247 11/5/1999  (forePnniGroup)
This module implements the FORE Systems extentions to the PNNI MIB.
Fore-Profile-MIB 102  (foreProfileModule)
This MIB module defines several profile tables that facilitate the creation of FR/ATM and FUNI services and connections.
Fore-Red-Port-MIB 12 11/5/1999  (redPortConfModule)
This module specifics Series D Portcard Redundancy table mib objects.
Fore-Redundancy-MIB 43 11/5/1999  (asx4000RedundancyModule)
The Fore ASX-4000 redundancy mib.
Fore-Shmem5-MIB 65 11/5/1999  (shmem5Group)
Shared memory network module.
Fore-Sonet-Ext-MIB 228 11/5/1999  (foreSonetMib)
This mib implements extensions to the standard SONET mib to support extra configuration and statistics that are supported by Fore Systems.
Fore-SONET-MIB 84 11/5/1999  (foreSonetModule)
The implementation of the foreSonet tables is mandatory for all switches that have SONET/SDH port modules.
Fore-SSM-MIB 14 12/9/1999  (syncStatusMsgTable)
Synchronization Status Message Module
Fore-Switch-MIB 1967 11/5/1999  (foreSwitchModule)
Fore Switch MIB
Fore-TC-MIB 36 11/5/1999  (foreTcMib)
This mib implements management information for the ATM traffic convergence layer in an atm interface.
Fore-TCM-MIB 213 11/5/1999  (ecpStationModule)
The Timing Control Module TCM).
Fore-TIMING-MIB 37 11/5/1999  (tcmGroup)
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Fore-tp25-MIB 28 11/5/1999  (foreTP25Module)
The foreTP25 Module supports all switchs that have the 25.6Mbps UTP/STP port module.
Fore-TrapLog-MIB 27 10/1/1996  (foreTrapLogModule)
ID-REC-MIB 29  (marconi)
POWERHUB-ATM-MIB 31  (alatm)
POWERHUB-CORE-MIB 238  (asn9000)
POWERHUB-VLAN-MIB 27  (preDot1qVlanPortGroupNextIndex)
SWL3MGMT-MIB 58 7/15/2000  (swL3MgmtMIB)
The Structure of Layer 3 Network Management Information for the D-Link enterprise.